Where The Mountains Meet The Sea.

Surfing, yoga, hiking, diving and more.



Like no other place i’ve ever been before.
— Tom Matson (Aus)
What a surprise. Luxury at an affordable price.
— Jonas Fischer (Deu)
Relaxing and rejuvenating. Cerveca’s by the pool.
— Amy Davis (Nzl)
Never have i surfed such incredible waves.
— Bryce Peters (Aus)
A surfers paradise, Friendly staff and nice food.
— Matt Harris (Usa)
Nothing compares. Daily swims and forest hikes.
— Brittany Able (Can)

Great Waves, Even Greater Accomodation.

Long term and short term stays available.


Our Villas

Double Room (Poolside)

$70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent.

Twin Share (Poolside)

$70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent.


Our Suites

Double Room (Sunset View)

$80 USD Per Night. 3 suites available for rent.

Twin Share (Sunset View)

$80 USD Per Night. 1 suite available for rent.


World Class Waves Near And Far.

Yoyos, Tropicals, Super Suck, Scar Reef and more.


The Waves

Y Axis = Difficulty. X Axis = The Wave


Dry Season

June -> October. Warm to Hot. Average temperature 28°C.

Wet Season

November -> May. Moderate to Warm. Occasional rainy day.