A bit of history - the shape of dreams:

After living and working around Berawa Bali Sean set off to explore parts of Bali he'd not yet seen.  He and a mate loaded up their bikes with the essentials - surfboards and a backpack - and with a compass and a 'mud map' they set off to discover some untouched Balinese magic.  A few days of exploring brought them to the most beautiful place they had ever seen: West Sumbawa - a happy cultural town; with a jungle full of wildlife, and a magnificent coastline of perfect waves and deserted beaches. That was May 2007 and the most perfect holiday ever.

In 2008 Sean wanted to recapture the magic of Sumbawa; excited to reconnect to this special place again.  With a simple "Mate I just have to show you this place" I was hooked and I set off with Dean to find this often talked-about place.  A few stop starts, a lot of wrong turns and two epic ferry crossings and we made it back.  

Back then, the only accommodation was a place on the beach serviced by three staff one of them beingBotok.  Botok, in our eyes, was living the dream: spending his days simply - fishing the oceans, hunting the jungles and enjoying life.  Little did we know it then but Botok would be integral to our dream of buying our own small piece of paradise. We both decided then and there that this place was perfect for our surf retreat and set about looking for land here. It took another five years for our ideas to come together.

In 2013 we returned to West Sumbawa and met Baha.  Baha mentioned that he wished to sell his business of prawn farming and half his land. Baha's beach front over looked Yoyos surf break and is in close proximity to other world-renowned surf breaks including Super Suck and Scar Reef.  There at the river mouth one could choose the beautiful swimming beach to the left, or a perfect right-hander to the right.  The sale of the land was negotiated and we had our own piece of this idyllic paradise.

The build begins:

We were thrown in the deep end pretty quickly.  We had to get up to speed with the language to enable our build project to succeed.  We both learned Bahasa.  Baha's prawn ponds were filled in and fencing erected to keep the wild cattle out.  It was a steep learning curve for two Aussie carpenters to project-manage the build. It would not have come together without the assistance and friendship of Botok and Baha.  Building materials were sourced from all over Indonesia, and local labour was utilized.  Soon the septic tanks were in and the bores for water dug were in - the dream was becoming a reality.

Here we are now.  In 2016 the Baha Baha Villas are a retreat for travellers and surfers who come to share the serenity of an unhurried pace of life.




Like no other place i’ve ever been before.
— Tom Matson (Aus)
What a surprise. Luxury at an affordable price.
— Jonas Fischer (Deu)
Relaxing and rejuvenating. Cerveca’s by the pool.
— Amy Davis (Nzl)
Never have i surfed such incredible waves.
— Bryce Peters (Aus)
A surfers paradise, Friendly staff and nice food.
— Matt Harris (Usa)
Nothing compares. Daily swims and forest hikes.
— Brittany Able (Can)